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Throughout the past two months, ran a campaign in the biggest and most trusted UK universities, including King’s College, University of Glasgow, London School of Economics and Political Science, University of Edinburgh, and University College London. The students from all these universities were interested to hear about the products and services this writing service offers.

AssignmentMasters presented its services in academic writing, creative writing, assignment completion, and editing/formatting/proofreading. The students expressed their concerns about completing academic projects. Their struggles revolved around the following issues:

• Not being able to understand professors’ instructions;
• Too many assignments to complete and too little time on their hands;
• Complex topics that took a lot of time to explore and understand;
• Lack of proper instructions for completing academic content;
• Insufficient practice and lack of writing skills;
• Lack of connection between the academic assignments and the students’ plans for careers.

The team distributed informative flyers that included explanations about the way all these projects were related to the future of these students. A research paper from the area of sociology may have nothing to do with marketing, but it will improve the student’s research and writing skills, and it will help them develop the skills of sound argumentation supported by facts.

The flyers included information about the types of assistance the company’s team offers:

• Research and writing of several types of academic content, including essays, dissertations, term papers, book reports, and other projects requested at UK universities;
• Editing, formatting, and proofreading help.

All assistance offered by this service is collaborative. The students get a chance to work with qualified writers who hold relevant degrees. Through this collaboration, the students gain good practice that helps them develop better skills in research, writing, and editing. The products that AssignmentMasters delivers serve as samples of high-quality academic work, which the students can use as foundation for their own research.

The flyers distributed by the AssignmentMasters team included information about the prices and discount policies of the company. The pricing system is flexible; the final price is set in accordance with the deadline and complexity of the order. The students expressed their approval of the budget-friendly prices that got them the service they needed.

In addition to presenting its services, AssignmentMasters also focused on recognizing the students’ problems for the sake of improving its offer. The students showed great interest in the company’s services and showed their concern about the high expectations they had to meet.

This campaign was aimed at delivering the information students needed. They’ve been looking for solutions to their academic writing struggles, and this team offers the assistance they need. This campaign was also focused at promoting academic writing as a skill that’s relevant for any career. The feedback the AssignmentMasters team got will be used for improving the service’s offer. The team will include more types of papers in its list of products, and the subscribers will be getting better promotional offers.

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