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Essay About Leadership

In my essay, I detail the biggest factors that make a good leader. Leading is easy if people are compelled or forced to follow, but being a good leader is difficult and requires numerous talents and skills. My essay details a few of those skills and talents in an attempt to try to deconstruct what makes a good leader.

A good leader should be able to focus on a task and get it done with consummate ease. This will also allow other employees to learn from his or her example. A manager and/or a leader has many duties and tasks that require plenty of focus. Being able to concentrate on a single task is okay, but one assumes that a leader has to concentrate on many tasks, which means focus is more important than ever. [1]

A timid leader is not a leader at all. People are bullies, and people are emotional, and a timid person is unable to deal with such people. A good leader must manage people, and that requires confidence. [2]

A company has a brand, and so does a person. If a person preaches what he or she doesn’t practice, then that person will be unable to inspire others to follow his or her rule. People are very hung up on fairness on a very deep and biological level, and if they do not feel that their leader has integrity, they do not see the fairness in maintaining their own. A lack of integrity often causes a lack of motivation in those that are supposed to follow. [3]

One of the key indicators of a bad leader is a lack of patience. People mistakenly believe that the red-faced manager that shouts at people is somehow a good leader, but it is very wrong. If a leader is compelled to raise his or her voice and become frustrated or angry, then that leader is a bad leader. [4]

When people are being led, they need to know they are being led in the right direction. Indecisiveness is a symptom of being unsure, and people are not inspired by those that are unsure. People want to know that what they are doing is the right thing and the correct thing, which is why a decisive leader is so important. People are less productive when they have an indecisive leader. [5] [6]

A good leader is one that doesn’t quit if progress is being made. If there is no progress being made, then a new plan must be created. If there is progress being made, then it is up to the leader to persist and continue. Persistence is not a quality that shines when everything is going fine, it is a quality that shines when things look difficult and the team is struggling. [7]


Those are the six factors, skills and talents that a good leader needs in order to be a good leader. People are able to lead without these skills and talents, but they will struggle to make an impact, and they will struggle to achieve their key objectives.









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