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Essay About Love

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Love – Is There More Than One Type?

When somebody says the word ‘love’, the thing that immediately comes to mind is an image of romantic love, of two people falling head over heels for each other and living happily ever after. Yes, this may be the classic definition of love, but the word is certainly not limited to that one theme, in fact, there may be many more types of loves that you realized. In my essay I give a brief rundown of some of the most commonly mentioned forms of love, forms that can be found in everyday life and in TV and film across the world.

1. Agape

This world alludes to a love of humanity, the kind of love that makes us sad and sorrowful when we hear on the news of a global event that has caused tragedy or devastation. It is this kind of love that inspires us to give to charity.

2. Storge

This is the word for the type of love that a parent feels for their child, or that a child might have for their favorite aunt or uncle. It is a deep love but not a love that is in any way romantic. An overall sense of everlasting family love.

3. Pragma

This word describes a love that is long and enduring, for example, the love that develops and strengthens over time in a long lasting marriage. This is a love that remains constant through good times and bad times, the kind of love that motivates you to care for somebody in later life.

4. Philautia

This is the word that best describes that love that we have for ourselves, the self-respect that we carry with us on a daily basis. It is not narcissism or vanity, but more a joy in our own set of values and circumstances, and it gives us the strength to love others in return.

5. Philia

Philia is the term that can be used to describe the love that we feel for people that we have shared a profound experience with. This could allude to being part of a team, being a soldier in a platoon, being part of a group that travels the world, anything that requires a great deal of bonding that eventually grows in to a type of love.

6. Ludus

Ludus is a word that you can use to categorize the playful, flirty type of love that you might feel for an individual, without the feelings ever crossing the line into full on romantic love. Things like fluttering heart, butterflies in the stomach and feelings of slight euphoria when around the person can be identified as ludus.

7. Eros

Eros is the word for full on romantic and erotic love that you can feel for a partner. It’s the one that can feel the best, but it is also the one that get us in to the most trouble and cause us the largest amount of heartbreak! It can also turn in to another type of love like pragma.

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