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Essay About Social Media

A Rundown of the Best and Worst Social Media Platforms

In my essay, I demonstrate via compelling arguments that the social media rankings I have given are correct and accurate as per the current year. I give strong and solid reasons for the way I have rated each social media platform. Unlike current essays on the subject, I do not use account holder numbers or the amount of time they spend on them. A social media platform’s usability and qualities are rarely expressed by how many people like them at the time. After all, there was a time when the Spice Girls were popular, but few would argue that they were useful in any way. [1]

Here I list the value of the top social media platforms and rate them. The best social media platforms are at the top of the list and have lower numbers starting at number one. The higher the number becomes, the lower the social media platforms are rated.

1 – Google+

It features very strong content every day because it has far stronger spam filters. It also features a better mix of true and false content, rather than a higher level of false engine content that other social media platforms have. The functions are far easier to use, and much of the content is filtered in a way that doesn’t offer silly content or sexual content unless it is searched for. You are able to disable comments and disable shares. You are easily able to protect your information, and you are able to control what is shared and what is not. You choose who looks at your content, while also being able to post content on communities where you may share more easily with other people. [2] [3]

2 – Twitter

Despite the fact that much of the content you read is unusable and/or pointless, the short-blog format is very popular. It allows people to share what are essentially text messages without the extra baggage that comes with longer texts. It allows people to share images, but its biggest and strongest feature is its micro-blogging function. It allows a great number of people to communicate at the same time, while allowing recipients to understand the thread of each conversation. The level of written traffic may be high, but the short-form messages make it very easy to understand what is being said and by whom. [4]

3 – YouTube

Even despite the fact that most of the videos are poorly produced, there is still a lot to see and do on YouTube. The ready mix of professional and amateur videos is just what people need in order to be entertained. If it were not for the great many adverts that plague the system, it may have ranked a little higher. The search system is not perfect, but you may use Google and Bing to search YouTube for videos, which is great if you cannot find what you want with the regular YouTube search function. The suggested videos are also very helpful. [5]


The absence of Facebook may surprise some people, but the fact is that these three social media platforms have outclassed Facebook in every way, especially since Facebook is so heavily invested in pushing adverts on unsuspecting users. The social media platforms mentioned above may not have as many users as Facebook, but that is because the platforms have been tailored to suit their target users and are not built simply to advertise in the way that Facebook is.







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