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Essay on Friendship

Essay on Friendship

Can Childhood Friendships Last A Lifetime?

When you are a young person in middle school and high school, it would be fair to say that your friends are everything to you. Besides from compulsory study and familial commitments, every single thing that you do throughout the week, especially on weekends, is determined and dictated by the interactions that you have with your friends. There is a saying that friends are the family that you choose to have rather than the family that you are born in to, and at times, friendships can be so important to you that they feel like the most significant and meaningful aspect of your life at the time.

As you grow older, however, and move on to college and eventually in to the work place, it is inevitable that you find less and less time to give to the people that you grew up with compared to the new people that you meet and make connections with in your adult life. Is there something fundamentally different about friendships formed as a child compared to friendships formed as an adult? Can childhood friendship beat the odds and last a lifetime?

When you are young, it is very common to have a singular, all encompassing ‘best friend’, a person with whom you are attached at the hip in school and the majority of your free time as well. The point at which this starts to become different is when, in adulthood, you fall in love with someone and form a romantic partnership with them. Without intentionally making it happen, your partner then becomes that person to whom you are constantly attached, and the intimacy and intensity of your ‘best friendship’ starts to decrease as the realities and responsibilities of adult life begin to arise.

That does not have to mean, however, that those childhood friendships are gone forever just because the nature of them has been adjusted by life’s inevitable road. In fact, public opinion has shown to prove that your best friends from childhood continue to be excellent, close friends all the way in to adulthood because of the very fact that they are rooted in nostalgia for a time that has long since passed. Whether intentionally or not, your relationships with your childhood friends are the ones that stay the most immature and juvenile in to adulthood, perhaps because you are constantly trying to connect with a simpler, more innocent time in your lives, or perhaps just because you feel the most comfortable with them and don’t have to put on any false pretences.

Ultimately, this brings us back to our original question of, can childhood friendships last a lifetime? The answer is yes, but with a caveat that the nature and intricate inner workings of the friendships are bound to change as you mature and as you have to make room for other elements of your life besides school and play time with pals. In short, childhood friendships will last if you put in the work and accept the evolution.

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